Call Queue Management System

What is Call Queue?

A Call Queue (also called a virtual queue) is a virtual phone line that callers enter when they call a company but an agent cannot be reached immediately. Once an agent becomes available to take a call, the next customer in line will be assigned automatically to the agent. queue management This is an approach that aims to improve efficiency and reduce customer waiting time. The ultimate goal is to increase the number and satisfaction of customers waiting in the queue. If you are looking to set up a call center or any other telephony service, just signup on Ajoxi.



Call queue management system:

The call queue management system is the control of the call queues so that customers have a short wait and agents are given fair workload distribution. Call queue management is a skill that can result in shorter wait times and better customer service.

Call centers handle both incoming as well as outgoing calls. Outbound calls may be initiated by businesses for marketing purposes, or to contact existing customers. However, many customer support centers also offer a callback service. This allows customers to not wait to be connected to an agent.

Online scheduling allows you to make your customer’s call more efficient and provides a better service. Customers could go online and choose a time that is most convenient for them. They would then receive a call immediately instead of waiting for someone to call back.


How its Work?

Queue management systems are based on two principles. They measure the queue demand at any one time and notify staff promptly. Sensors placed above each checkout can count how many customers are being served at the moment, how many people still need to be served, as well as how long they’ve waited. 

Customers are able to respond quickly and efficiently to their needs. Multiple agents will receive calls from the same call center when multiple calls are made to the same number. For example, 50 agents in a call center can simultaneously handle 50 calls. What happens when more calls are more than the number of agents assigned, This is called “call drop”.


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