Customer Service Representative Scorecard Template

Customer Service Representative:

Customer service representatives assist customers by answering questions and resolving complaints. If you are passionate about helping people, customer service could be the right job for you. This job will open doors to many opportunities, including in call centers, retail stores, and your home. Potential customers will be attracted to Customer Service Representatives by their ability to answer questions regarding products and/or services, and suggest information about other products or services. To ensure customer satisfaction, we process orders, prepare correspondences and respond to customer inquiries.

You will have a good understanding of the practices and concepts that are common in your field. Follow pre-determined guidelines and instructions to accomplish the job. Works under immediate supervision. Primary job functions usually do not require the use of independent judgment. Most often, the job is reported to a supervisor. You will need to ensure that customers are satisfied and you maintain excellent service standards.



Customer Services Scorecard:

Customer service scorecards are an evaluation tool that helps to measure the quality of contact center services at every step. They give you feedback about whether your agents deliver the customer experience you expect. They look at how well your agents have adhered to the appropriate processes and compliance standards in order to achieve the results you want.

Customer service scorecards allow you to gauge how well your agents handle customer service interactions based on specific criteria. Scorecards make feedback concrete and measurable so that agents can be held accountable and implement improvement plans.


How to Build Customer Service Scorecard Template:

To create a scorecard template that will work for your call center, you need to have goals and objectives. Write down all your goals, objectives, and details about how they relate to the needs of customers. Create a rubric that outlines what success looks and feels like for each one of these goals. Although you can do it manually using a spreadsheet, it’s much easier to use call center QA software which will allow you to easily aggregate, analyze and audit calls all from one place. Additionally, it will provide a central location that includes all the information necessary to coach your agents. If you are looking for a mobile top-up service, just signup on Prepaid Mall which might help you.

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