How much do 1300 calls in australia

1300 Calls Cost in Australia?

The cost of calling 1300 numbers in Australia will vary depending on whether your call is from a fixed telephone line or a cell phone. Calls from Australia’s fixed-line landlines are subject to a 1300 number charge. Local call numbers can be reached at 1300 numbers. All calls to 1300 phone numbers via mobile are charged according to the applicable mobile carriers’ rates. Prices for 1300 number calls vary by plan and depending on the type of phone.

A 1300 number can run you as much as less price

  1. The monthly cost of your plan. There are three phone plans available. All include local and/or nationwide calls. 1300 number plans start at minimum price + TVA per month. The charges for each call will depend on which plan is chosen.
  2. There is a setup fee. To activate your 1300 number on our platform, it costs only once. This will appear on your first bill.



Reasons why a 1300 number is a good choice for business:

The Project a Professional Look: 1300 numbers can help build a professional image and increase your business presence. These numbers can help your business look larger and increase confidence. Your business could look bigger than a service or shop in your suburb, as 1300 numbers have an Australian-wide reach.

Gain an edge on your Competitors: 1300 numbers have been proven to be better than standard landline numbers. A 1300 number is a great way to stand out from your competitors. A high recall number resonates better with callers so that your business is first in their minds when they need your services or products.

Increase response rates to advertising: Since 1300 numbers have a much higher recall ratio than standard landline phone numbers, it’s obvious that 1300 numbers will increase advertising response rates. Advertising material can be costly so you want the most for your money. A 1300 number is a great way to make your business numbers resonate with potential customers.

Customers are more attracted to call: There are many options available for 1300 numbers. It can increase the appeal of your number to customers by having it include a phone call or word. You can also add a word or a name that is directly related or related to your company or industry. We are offering the Lets Dial wholesale VOIP number in the USA( 814 area code,830 area code). We also provide some mobile top-up services like Prepaid Mall. Read also,  How Can I Get A China Number.


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